July 2006

Other browsers let you view Web pages at custom sizes–why not Internet Explorer? EasyRead installs two buttons in your IE toolbar. One looks like a plus sign, the other like a minus sign. One lets you zoom in to make your Web pages look bigger, the other zooms out to make them smaller. Version 1.5 introduces the ability to do this with right-clicks as well. Whether you need things bigger for easy reading or smaller to pack in more information, EasyRead can make your Web reading, well, easier. –Laura Blackwell

Version: 1.5. Price: Free. Download EasyRead now at:



Need a way to drill deeply into Outlook to find messages you know are around–somewhere? Use Lookout, a freebie from Microsoft. 

Unlike search tools such as Google Desktop, Lookout offers quicker access because it becomes part of Outlook’s toolbar. Besides e-mail, the tool can index attachments and PDF contents. Lookout also searches inside appointments and contacts. It works with all current versions
of Outlook.

Version: 1.3.0
Price: Free 

Download Lookout now at: 

Zidane, engkau juga manusia. Prestasimu, sportivitasmu, inspirasimu, tidaklah sirna oleh kejadian tadi pagi. Penggemarmu masih menghargaimu sebagai manusia yang utuh.